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We’re tackling the world’s biggest health problems by using digital technology to bridge the gap between research, practitioners and under-served communities.

Lifestyle diseases including: cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity kill 41 million people annually  They cost over USD$67.5 billion, according to the World Health Organization.  Surgery, medicines and critical care save lives, but many lack access or struggle to afford rehabilitation.

Community sport-based interventions can help under-served populations access disease reduction, health improvement and rehabilitation services.

Program managers who lead these interventions use different measures to assess program success. Some use attendance and patient self-report.  Many do not consistently measure the symptoms, risk factors and patient functionality in the ways that clinicians and governments evaluate health.

Underrecognised success

Although programs appear improve participant health, no one knows how well they work compared with standard care.  It is not possible to identify which elements of the program having the greatest impact.  Neither can interventions, or program elements, be compared to learn which practices should be expanded.

Program managers may be unaware of the best measures to use to communicate impact to physicians and health researchers, or under-resourced to implement them.  There are no ‘Best Practices’ in community disease management, because no one is tracking the patient intervention/recovery data, doing the analysis and working out what they should be.

It is also difficult to understand the return is on the funding invested in most programs.  Few programs ever make it to academic or mainstream media publication, so vital opportunities are being missed by researchers and governments to understand what works to reduce disease.

SportHealthTech created Sport Prescriptions to help bridge these gaps by helping program managers plan recovery programs and track participant data, maximise the use of local facilities and generate reports easily.

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