Software for Program Managers

Sport Prescriptions is an app created to provide program managers, the people who develop and lead community sport-based interventions, with supportive technology.

SportHealthTech CEO Bastien Wallace has worked in the field beginning in 2004, and sought to understand the barriers practicioners face to sustaining and expanding programs to meet the needs of under-served communities.  The thesis research that underpins this app examined programs that achademics have studied, as well as the work of practicioners in the field that has not made it into the literature.

Measurement, impact reporting, financial support and communicating about programs were all identified as challenges.  The programs studied also reflected a need for a high degree of flexibility, to accomodate the variety in sport selection, program duration, dose rate, and the non-sport program elements incorporated.

Sport Prescriptions has been developed with the flexibility to enable program managers to select measures and design program elements to suit their needs.  It also simplifies participant enrolment, performance tracking, and offers report generation- making it easier to communicate results to funders.

We don’t look at or share personal information about participants, but we crunch the numbers to better understand program impact.  As more program managers choose Sport Prescriptions, we will be able to compare programs over time and suggest approaches that may assist their development.  We will also be able to reflect the scale of positive impact, and help this sector advocate to government, researchers and private sector funders for greater support.

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