Research foundation

Our work is based on a solid foundation of academic research, and deep experience. 

Bastien holds undergraduate degrees in Arts/Law, coaching qualifications in 6 sports and 3 fitness disciplines, has developed and led two apprenticeship programs in the sport and leisure sector, national coach, athlete and sports integrity training  She has 25 years’ experience in leadership roles in the sport, health and fitness industry.  

A sector innovator, Bastien has developed community sport-based interventions to reduce lifestyle disease and chronic ill-health starting in 2004.  Her history of success leading interventions to improve health in Australia and the United Kingdom gave her a deep understanding of the potential these programs offer to transform public health, spurred her to conduct research.  She successfully completed a Masters of Philosophy thesis focussing on identifying the barriers program managers faced when trying to develop, sustain and expand their programs, and the solutions they most need. This research, underpins our consultancy and the Sport Prescriptions app.  You can read a copy of the abstract here, or the full thesis here.

In partnership with Vector5, Sport Health Tech was formed to assist program managers by providing them transformative, research driven digital tools to make the development, management and expansion of these programs easier and more effective.  Sport Health Tech has identified that a lack of understanding is contributing to poor health outcomes. Our goal is to help physicians, governments and health leaders better understand community health interventions, to more accurately identify and deliver healthcare support where it is most needed, and to provide researchers seeking to reduce disease and disease impacts improved and contextually relevant health intervention and rehabilitation data.

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